Is Sushi Really Japan's Secret, To Healthy Living And Long Life?

By Graham Foster

It is claimed by many nutritionists that Sushi is one of the main reasons why Japanese people have the lowest incidence of obesity and heart disease. Now finally more and more are taking up Sushi as an alternative to junk foods.

Sushi, that sumptuous combination of rice and raw fish, wrapped in fish skin is quickly approaching fast food status overseas, far, far away from the country that invented it. It's sparing partner, the wasabe, the green stuff that is atrocious to the nose is a delicacy that non-Japanese people are still getting used to-but it's only a matter of time.

Wasabe or Wasabi paste as many know it has more than just taste to offer the dinner. It might suprise you to learn that this hot and firery paste has almost magical powers with the ability to kill bacteria in fish ... even if the fish may not be as fresh as it might be.

If you enjoy good food and have reasonably deep pockets sushi is a great choice. It is costly for a couple of reasons one the quality of fish required goes beyond what you might buy for other dishes and also the attention to detail goes beyond what would be required for most meals. The skill being in the knife work of preparing the sushi.

You could of course prepare your own sushi ... You'll need a good amount of time as the process cannnot be rushed and a high level of confidence with sharp knives. Maybe it is this combination of labor and skill that means most dinners either choose to buy ready prepared sushi or dine out at one of the number of eating places serving such food.

Be aware that this is not all about the fish and is much more about the skill of the knife. Prepare sushi with out the required knife skills and it will look soggy and grainy- It will look as if the fish has been attacked rather than prepared with great skill.

There are no shortcuts on the rice either, It must be authentic Japanese sushi rice .. Uncle Bens simply won't cut it. Another point to remember don't confuse sushi with another japanese favorite sashimi . The main difference being the serving of rice. If you order sashimi and want rice make sure you order a bowl as it is not part of the dish.

Types of sushi are many, but with out exception all are served with rice. Most commonly know is the sushi roll or maki which is made using nori (seaweed) and served in slices of six parts. In addition there is nigiri or hand made sushi usually prepared in pairs. In addition to these more common types there is also pressed sushi (squares) or oshi, and bean curd sushi rolls or inarizushi.

There are more special sushi styles Saikuzushi or festival sushi is almost an art form than cooking. The sushi rice is dyed different colors then sectioned and then rolled. When sliced images are created (amazing stuff). Chirashizushi or scattered sushi consists of rice spread in a box or bowl with nine different types of fish scattered on top. On some occasions Chankinzushi is prepared this is a sushi rice omelet wrapper which is shaped and tied like a ladies draw string purse (similar to chinese dimsum). Some times a solitary shrimp or pea decorates the ruffled part of the wrapper.

Makezushi is sushi rice, mixed with vegetables and seafood that has been molded into bowls or square tins and covered with strips of omelet, shrimp and vegetables. Fukusazushi is a variation of this, where the square-molded rice mixture is wrapped in a thin sheet of omelet. This is turned over to conceal the seams and garnished with a nori ribbon and ginger.

Finally we have Temarizushi which are rice balls wrapped in thinly sliced marinated fish. Itadakimasu! (enjoy eating)

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Skin Care Tips That'll Make You Glow

by skintips

If you want to look great, then having great skin is a
necessity. Diet and exercise play an important role when it
comes to taking steps to improve the health of your skin
beyond simply using good skin care products. Not only will
it make you feel good about yourself, but the following
steps also have many ancillary benefits when it comes to
your health and happiness.

Dry Brush Exfoliation: This should be done in the morning
prior to going in the shower. This gets ride of excess dead
skin, thus allowing your skin to detox. This will also help
with blood circulation and decreases any puffiness(for
example, around the eyes). While this is a great way to
improve your skin condition it also provides a calming
affect through the gentle pressure, which stimulates the
nervous system. With the help of a bristle brush you can be
on your way to a dry brush exfoliation once a day in no

Hydration: This causes your digestion to slow down and in
turn leaves your body filled with impurities for longer than
it should. You should try to drink 4 litres of water per
day, at least. In order to make sure you meet this target
have a bottle of water with you at all times throughout the
day and you will find it's easy to get through this amount
without ever thinking about it. Don't like drinking plain
water? Consider adding flavoring to your water.

Fibre: Fibre will improve your diet and your skin at the
same time. Most people know that this will make their skin
glow, but few know how to realistically eat their RDA of
fibre every day. Here are some tips to make sure you

1. Brown is better than white. Pasta and bread both have up
to ten times as much fibre in them when you opt for brown
rather than white. This is an easy dietary change for most
people, so at least give it a try and see if you can make
the shift. 2. Eat apples, and lots of them! Apples are sweet
and tasty. More importantly their skins are jam packed with
fibre. Try to eat a couple of apples a day as a contribution
towards your 5 fruit and vegetables a day.

Get exercise: If you fail to get exercise then you'll notice
your muscle tone turning to flab. This has been said to lead
to cellulite, acne and bloating. None of which will do your
complexion any good. That's why you have to consider
incorporating an exercise plan into your lifestyle. This
shouldn't be a chore, and is an essential part of a healthy

Sugar: Sugar may be sweet, but it doesn't do your skin any
favours. This is said to be one of the major causes of
ageing in the skin. You can easily tackle this problem
through ensuring your not having any more sugar in your diet
than you have to. This means that a sprinkle of sugar on
your cereal shouldn't be an option. When it comes to tea and
coffee, it's easy to gradually reduce whether or not you
take sugar. If you currently take 2 spoonfuls, come down to
zero by lessening by a half a spoonful at a time.

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